2017 Executive Board

Commander Joe Rodriguez (A)
Vice-Commander/"E"Board President Harvey Freville (M)
Secretary John Pastor (A)
Treasurer Michael Janes (A)
Treasurer Elect - Ex-Officio Hugh Richmond (A)  
Sergeant-At-Arms - Ex-Officio Rich Micolucci (M)  
E-Board Jack McKelvey (AF) 2017
E-Board Jim Hague (NG) 2017
E-Board Charlie Wright (N) 2017
E-Board Larry Harris (A) 2018
E-Board Veryl Burns Sr. (M) 2018
Ex-Officio Keith Henry (M) Membership
Ex-Officio Tom Kennedy (A) By-Laws

Home Inc

Jack Houck  (A) - Past Commander



Jim Ebright (N) - Past Commander 2016-2017
Sam Minutola (M) - Past Commander   2015-2017
Frank Dobson (A) - At Large

Bob Onorato (CG) - Past Commander 2016-2018
Jim Brannon (AF) - Past Commander   2016-2018
Bob Webb Jr (A) - At Large

Webb Bell (AF)  - Past Commander 2017-2019
Mark Schilling (N) - Past Commander 2017-2019
Ralph Allen (A) - At Large 2017-2019

State Board of Directors

Bob Onorato (CG) - Past Commander State Commander 2017-2018
Bill Frank (A) - At Large 2017-2018
Jim Ebright (N) - Past Commander 2017-2017
Larry Harris (A) - At Large 2016-2017

2017 Committee Chairperson

Chaplain Myron Smith (CG)
Bar Jen Avery
By-Laws Mark Schilling (N)
Entertainment Jim Johnson (ANG)
Finance                              Bob Morris (A)
Grounds Frank "Chico" Brzezicki (N)
Honor Guard Frank Dobson (A)/ Gerry Stauffer (N)
House Harvey "Chip" Roop
Kitchen Andi Chernekoff
Insurance Adviser Webb Bell (AF)
Membership Keith Henry (M)
Post Accounting Chet Milewicz (A)/ Jim Ebright (N) Bob Morris (A) 
Pool Florie Henry
Progressive Book John "Moon" Reilly (M)
Purchasing Jen Avery
Rentals Linda Rodriguez
Sports Mike Buono
Veterans' Affairs Myron Smith (CG)
WAC's Patty Rosbrow 
Web Site Jim Ebright (N)

Newsletter Staff

Editor Lucy Stephens
Reporter Many
Printer Jim Biddle (AF)
Email Jim Ebright (N)

Delaware Veterans Post #1 Member Of The Year 2016

Frank "Chico" Brzezicki (N)

Commander's Service Award 2017

Andrea "Andi" Chernekoff

Service Designations

(A) = Army          (AF) = Air Force
(N) = Navy           (CG) = Coast Guard
(M) = Marines          (NG) = National Guard